July 29, 2014

Rockin' the dots


I have been in China for more than 4 weeks now and it has been quite the challenge. Clothing-wise, weather-wise, food-wise and so on, but of course it also is a great experience. Right before I left Germany, I went to a family dinner with my loved ones and wore this look for that occasion. The dress is just so comfortable and the red details work so well with the entire look. Loved this outfit and felt well-dressed all night. Btw: My mom got that exact dress. She saw me wearing it once and had to get it for herself as well. She looks awesome in it as well!



What I wore

Dress and Leggins: Long Tall Sally
Shoes: Deichmann
Jacket: Mr & Lady
Bracelets: Bijou Brigitte
Necklace: gift
Umbrella: Ikea





July 26, 2014

What I love/miss right now - No. 3/2014


You can't really call it things that I love RIGHT now, as I am currently on another continent, so maybe those are things that I am starting to miss.
Potatoes for one - it's always rice, rice, rice here and I do love the asparagus that Mr.B's mom makes with ham and sauce Hollandaise. Very delicious!



Spending time in the garden! It is just too hot outside most of the times and the air isn't so fresh. I also have to work quite long hours and have not such a nice garden around the corner!


Baking fresh rolls with raisins and coarse sugar and eating bread in general. I probably can't eat any rice for some time after I am back home.


Strawberry cake


Sunday walks with Mr.B



Handmade burgers - recipe by Jamie Oliver "15 minute kitchen"


Homemade cappuccino and breakfast on the balcony with pancakes and strawberries. The coffee here is just horrible and even at Starbuck's I can only drink the ones with soy milk. Just isn't the same!


Of course, China is a wonderful place, but I am glad when I can go home and eat all this!!

July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday lil' Sis'

Today is my little sisters birthday! I wish her a very happy day, a lovely time with our family and a great year ahead! She is starting her final year of school soon and I am so proud of her. I hope she is continuing to do so well in her classes and finishes next summer. I have missed some of her birthdays already due to work and me being abroad, but this year I am especially sad as I would love to celebrate with her in her first own apartment. 


So lil' sis', I hope you have a great day nonethertheless and I just wanted to let you know that I love you and miss you!!

July 23, 2014

China Travel No.2 - Beijing Sightseeing


I visited a lot of the famous places, like the Forbidden City, the Olympic Stadium and park, the Tian’anmen –square and the Temple of Heaven. I had two very nice Chinese families show me around the sights and together we managed the heat and explored the huge grounds of the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Both areas are very vast and surrounded by gardens, filled with lots of temples and palaces and big tourist masses as well. Sometimes just crossing a street took half an hour and you were surrounded by people from all sides. I often felt like I was standing in the first row at a rock concert. Sorry for the picture overload, but it was so hard to choose!!








My favorite place was by far the Temple of Heaven. The buildings are so beautiful, well preserved and you can almost feel the aura of ancient history surrounding you. I was a bit of a tourist attraction myself at all those places mentioned above and especially at the Temple. People just stared at me because of my height, my light skin color and who knows what other reasons. Most of them just stared, but some actually took pictures without even asking, which made me a little uncomfortable. Some actually did ask, but if you give one the chance, all of them will want a picture. It was a little overwhelming at times, but often I managed to just blend it out.







One of the biggest highlights was of course seeing the Great Wall. The Chinese don’t actually see it as such an important sight. The old palaces in Beijing are much more important culturally, but still, they were happy to take me there in any case.






July 22, 2014

Black 'n' White - White 'n' Black


This is a flowy summer look right after my fancy. I really like my dotted pants and they work well with almost every color, but sometimes I prefer to just add some neutral pieces. This time the actual color splash are my beloved Aces of London clocs. I really fell in love with them two summers ago and hope to wear them a lot when I am coming back from China. How I miss the variety of my closet and especially my shoe cupboard right now. 



What I wore

Top & Necklace: H&M
Pants: C&A
Shoes: Aces of London



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